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Caroline Springs Landscaping offers a range of services to help make your outdoor space the perfect place for both functionality and aesthetically pleasing décor. Whether you want an eye-catching landscape or just somewhere for children to play, we can transform it into whatever you need! We do this through services like decking, paving and retaining walls- all dependant on what is best for where they are being installed in order to get everything done quickly and efficiently.

Caroline Springs Landscaping is a top-tier landscaper that caters to its customers needs 100% of the time. We pride ourselves in delivering beautiful landscapes to all our clients with high-quality workmanship so there’s rarely any need for replacements or repairs – which protects your back pockets! Plus, we implement best practices from start to finish so your precious time can be spent enjoying what we build instead of worrying about upkeep.

We’re the pretentious landscapers with an air of superiority, but your garden will be looking its best. Whether you’ve got a small front yard that needs some tender love and care or need to revamp your entire backyard landscape, we’ll have it all sorted out in no time! We are the type of landscaping company that will “go to any lengths” in order to deliver an exceptional job. We don’t cut corners and use only top-of-the-line materials, so you can count on us for quality work!

At Caroline Springs Landscaping, we’re pretty confident we can help with your landscaping needs. If you have questions, give us a call at (03) 9000 0559 and let’s get this ball rolling!

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Professional Service

We are here to provide you with the best service in town! Whether it is for your next big project or just a quick question, we will give you all of our attention. Our certified team has unmatched expertise and can handle any job that comes their way.

Transparent Quotes

We understand it can be frustrating waiting around and wanting something, even if only temporarily. You'll never feel like this again after our dependable crew arrives at your door. They'll give you an honest estimation of how long until everything is finished.

Affordable Rates

If you're looking for a way to spice up your property without breaking the bank, we've got just what you need. Our team of experts has curated some budget-friendly deals that are sure to give any home an updated look and feel on any dime!

Give your property the landscape makeover it deserves with assistance from our dedicated professionals. Click to get started today!

More About Our Landscaping Solutions


Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, so if you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor space without going too crazy with what we have here it may be a perfect fit. Whether you want a garden with minimal upkeep or a landscape that will make people passing by pause for a second, there’s no better way than installing some tiles!

We are the best in outdoor tiling installation and repairs. Years of training have given our team extensive skills to handle all your requirements for alfresco dining areas, patios or pool area floors. You can trust that we will always exceed expectations because you won’t find anyone better at this kind of work than us!

Our tiling solutions are perfect for creating a space where you can enjoy outdoor dining with friends and family. From protecting surfaces from the harsh sun to enhancing your curb appeal, we have many ways of getting that dream patio area just right!


You know what they say when you build a wall – make sure it’s high enough to keep the soil in your backyard. A retaining wall is a property owner’s best bet for preventing soil erosion, setting boundaries and enhancing the curb appeal of their outdoor space. Not only does it do this but installing one can give your backyard or garden an amazing makeover as well!

With a team of dedicated and experienced landscapers at your disposal, you can rest assured that we will exceed all expectations. Our professional staff is not only knowledgeable in landscaping but also highly skilled to handle any project with ease. And they’re always happy to work alongside our customers on whatever needs attention – the smallest details included!

Here are some of the benefits of our retaining wall solutions:


We Tailor Our Landscaping Services To Your Needs

We will tailor a landscaping solution to meet your budget, factoring in of course the size of the garden, its current state and features as well as any ideal goals. Perhaps you want minimal maintenance or perhaps you need privacy screening; either way, we can cater for it! We offer automated watering systems so now is an excellent time to get started on designing that perfect garden with us.

With a landscape gardening team that has years of experience, our landscapers are the best in town. All you need to do is tell us about your needs and then we will guide you through choosing materials for any conditions that will fit your budget and personal aesthetic choices. We’ll also help with local council approvals!


We at Landscaping Caroline Springs want to make your home renovation experience as easy and exciting for you as possible. To do that, we like to start with a conversation so that our experts can ask questions about what will be done in the house before even going out there. We’ll talk through everything from budgeting concerns upfront to personal preferences when it comes down to design choices or other aesthetic considerations.


We want to help you make your home a place where memories are made. The first step is always just talking about what issues we can solve for you, and then it’s time for an appointment at the site of your new or current project. Our free consultation will have no pressure, so there’s nothing stopping us from finding out if our services would be perfect for bringing life back into those walls!


We want you to be happy with our work, so we’ve assembled an experienced team that’s committed and dedicated to get the job done. Together, they’ll get your project started on time and finished right the first time around.


We are a team of passionate, talented designers who work with our landscaping contractors to craft the perfect landscape design for you and your home. Whether it be residential or commercial spaces – we can’t wait to help bring your vision into reality!


Many people spend their time outdoors during the summertime and want to create an outdoor space that feels luxurious and soothing inside. A patio or pergola is not only a great way of getting shade but also gives you extra room for friends! At Caroline Springs Landscapers, we have expert installers who can help you maximize every inch of outdoor living by building a pergola.

A patio or pergola can turn your backyard into a private oasis. Our certified builders will design and create something to fit seamlessly with the natural flow of the property, complementing everything from current structures to landscape features like trees and pools while still providing an outdoor living space for you that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional!

Dwelling on the details of a landscaping project can be overwhelming for many people. That is why it’s so important to have an experienced team like ours at your side throughout every step of the process, from design and installation all the way through to maintenance. We offer free quotes as well as consultations with our customer service staff that are more than happy to visit you in Caroline Springs or surrounding suburbs!


Your deck is a reflection of your personality. Whether you’re looking for an energetic space or one that’s more relaxing and inviting; we’ll create the perfect design to suit your needs! Our team will ensure it meets our strict standards so every detail from the materials used to installation is spot-on.

Your deck will be one of a kind with our innovative and creative design. We make sure that your property’s landscape is not compromised while we do everything from installation to repairs and refurbishments, all the way through landscaping!

When you put your trust in Caroline Springs Landscaping, we do more than take down the old deck and replace it with a new one. We’ll examine every detail of your property to design something that will not only improve its appearance but also continue to look beautiful for years. When choosing materials or colours-our team is here for you! Our skilled craftsmen are waiting so start planning today by contacting us via phone at (03) 9000 0559.


Finding the right solution for your home can be challenging. We know you want to invest in something that looks great, but is also affordable and durable – paving with concrete bricks or sandstone will last a lifetime if installed properly!

If you have a need for paving or mowing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer various types of installation jobs and we can complete your project anywhere in the region. Our team is reliable and skilled with outdoor landscape design so there’s no other company that will do as good of a job as our experts!

Finding the perfect material to pave one’s driveway has become more difficult now than ever before due to all of the options available on today’s market – sandstone? Concrete Brick? Marble?! Our team at Caroline Springs Landscaping knows how important it is for homeowners like yourself not only to find an attractive option that complements their curb appeal but also ensure they are investing wisely by choosing materials that suit both their budget as well as longevity requirements.

If you’re looking for a company that will work hand-in-hand with your team to craft the perfect pavement and the cleanest mowing, we are here and ready for it. Call our hotline at (03) 9000 0559 so we can discuss what materials may suit your project best!

stone tiles paved by Caroline Springs Landscaping


Servicing Caroline Springs, VIC and surrounding areas

Hey, do you know any good landscaping service providers in Caroline Springs? It sounds like it’s been a while since they’ve seen the area. Don’t worry about looking around – we’ll be waiting when you’re ready! We have years of experience and an eagerness to handle all sorts of projects for every person who needs our help. From installations to repairs or maintenance on your outdoor space, don’t hesitate calling us so we can assess what is needed before bringing over one (or more) expert touch(es). Trust me: You won’t regret doing business with us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Landscaping can do more than just make your home look pretty. Well designed landscaping has the potential to increase the value of a house by giving it curb appeal and making it stand out among its neighbors, as well as being an investment in itself that will eventually grow over time thanks to careful planning with plants adding natural beauty and elegance while also drawing attention away from any flaws you may not have wanted others noticing when they visit or walk past. A landscape designer can help ensure your property is always looking fresh and a great view without breaking too far outside your budget – saving money for other improvements down the line such as hard surfaces like patios or sidewalks if desired!

Before you set out to renovate your yard, it’s important that you get an estimate from a qualified landscaper. It can be tough for us to provide an accurate cost without seeing the space but there are some things we need in order to give a ballpark range for what costs might look like. f you’re not sure how much your landscaping project will cost, contact us today for a free quote! 

We are a landscape design and construction company that has been servicing in and around Caroline Springs for over 15years. Our team of experts are trained in all aspects concerning the professional installation, care and maintenance of any landscaping project you may need. We offer exceptional services without cutting corners or compromising quality at every level: from initial consultation to post-construction service throughout your planned lifetime with us. Our team provides innovative solutions through our creativity, focus on detail as well as expertise past experience so don’t just take it from us; check out some examples yourself!

We believe that the best landscapes are left alone. After all, part of our signature style and philosophy is to allow you to enjoy your surroundings without being enslaved by them in any way shape or form; it’s why we use plants for certain areas on your property that should be untouched throughout the season–the less maintenance needed when tending a garden means more time spent enjoying its beauty!

Mulch is a good option for those who want to plant their garden but can’t keep up with the upkeep. It’s also perfect for people with back problems because they’ll have an easier time maintaining and harvesting vegetables from it than gardening without mulching, which requires more movement of heavy tools like shovels or hoes. Mulches are made primarily out of three materials: wood chips, old hay bales (which decompose in about six months), or pine straw mixed into bark chippings on top of soil; when organic matter breaks down over weeks and months through these different processes, small animals need to eat them as well so be sure not leave any food around that might attract unwanted visitors.

Landscaping Caroline Springs is always happy to help with things like yard work, especially when it comes to gardens. Almost as necessary in the spring and fall seasons where there are a lot of projects you might need assistance on.

Landscaping Caroline Springs is a full service landscaping company that provides lawn and garden maintenance, landscape design, construction and snow plowing services. We’ve been in business for over 15 years with the focus of reducing our impact on the environment through organic alternatives to traditional lawn care methods. Being located in Caroline Springs we’re experienced at dealing with traffic issues as well as parking problems; close neighbours can be tricky but we have experience working on small sites too! Our team has also done work all across Australia so you know they’ll handle your commercial property or large residential project smoothly – their team will go above-and-beyond just because it’s what any client deserves from us!

Hiring a professional landscape designer will get you started on the right track. A landscaper can help create plans and budgets that fit your needs, making sure to consider all of your unique ideas for beauty in their design. Even if you have some idea what it is exactly that you want out of this process, hiring someone who knows how everything works from start to finish can be an advantage- they bring creativity and knowledge into play which might lead them identify problems with even just one look at things! Along with extensive horticultural skills as well as understanding construction materials like concrete or wood (depending on what type of project) plus building techniques such as drainage systems; these designers are aware when something isn’t up to code so there’s no risk getting caught by authorities.

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